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Our Cultural Tours

Our destinations in Nepal

Stop to popular belief ! Nepal is not only high mountains and trekkings !

Nepal is also made from traditions, legends, religions, people and their history.This is what we propose you to discovers through our various cultural tours. Follow the guide…

The Little Kathmandu Valley

Parcours culturel de la Petite Vallée de Kathmandu au Népal
Kathmandu Valley gathers by itself seven highlights registered in the World Heritage List of UNESCO splited on 600kms². It is the only place on Earth to enjoy so many cultural treasures on a such small space. This 2 nights / 3 days program takes you to six of these 7 places. Welcome to Kathmandu, capital city of Nepal !

Duration : 3 days / 2 nights

Itinerary : Bhaktapur – Patan – Kathmandu

The Big Kathmandu Valley

Kathmandu Valley abounds of unique sites to discover. This five days program is perfect to take you from temples to monasteries, from trails to villages. It will show you some of the best places of the big Kathmandu Valley.

Duration : 5 days / 4 nights

Itinerary : Kathmandu – Namo Buddha – Dhulikhel – Nagarkot – Changunarayan – Bhaktapur – Patan – Kathmandu

Parcours culturel de la Petite Vallée de Kathmandu au Népal

Glimpses of Nepal

Parcours culturel d'un Coup d'Oeil au Népal
This Glimpses of Nepal program gives you a nice sight of what it is possible to do in Nepal: sightseeing, rafting, trekking and wildlife safari. This eleven days circuit is perfect to have an overall look at the country. It will fulfill your holidays in Nepal and delight everybody from 7 to 77 years old.

Duration : 11 days / 10nights

Itinerary : Bhaktapur – Patan – Kathmandu – Trishuli River – Pokhara – Trekking Ghandruk – Pokhara – Chitwan – Kathmandu

Parbat, Himalaya and Terai

Parbat is the name given to the hilly region of Nepal, Himalaya the one used for mountains and Terai means the plains from the south. This 17 days program takes you to these three different topographies meeting ethnies inhabited these regions, their traditions, their daily life and they lifestyle. A unique tour in Nepal.

Duration : 15 days / 14nights

Itinerary : Kathmandu – Namo Buddha – Dhulikhel – Nagarkot – Changunarayan – Bhaktapur – Patan – Kathmandu – Nuwakot – Manakamana – Bandipur – Pokhara – Dhampus Trekking – Pokhara – Tansen – Lumbini – Chitwan – Daman – Kathmandu

Parcours culturel de Parbat Himalaya et Terai au Népal

Between Buddhism and Hinduism

Parcours culturel entre bouddhisme et hindouisme au Népal
Enthusiast with traditions and religions, this program between Buddhism and Hinduism is designed for you. The tour takes you to visit the most beautiful religious and cultural places of Nepal, full of myths, legends and stories. Discover Nepalese customs with the population and observe people in their daily life. A rewarding trip.

Duration : 10 days / 9nights

Itinerary : Kathmandu – Namo Buddha – Dhulikhel – Nagarkot – Changunarayan – Bhaktapur – Patan – Manakamana – Pokhara – Tansen – Lumbini – Kathmandu

To the East of Nepal

After spending time discovering the main touristic sites in Kathmandu Valley, this newly designed program takes you to the east of the country visited regions apart from tourists but fill with culture and nature. Enjoy the city border of Janakpur, ending point of the one and only one railway in Nepal, the reserve of Koshi Tappu inhabited with rare migratory birds, tea plantations of Ilam. NepalaYak takes you out of the beaten paths of Nepal

Durée : 11 days / 10 nights

Itinerary : Kathmandu – Patan – Nagarkot – Changunarayan – Bhaktapur – Namo Buddha – Dhulikhel – Janakpur – Koshi Tappu – Ilam – Kathmandu

Parcours culturel à l'est du Népal
Cultural tour in Bhutan with NepalaYak

Our destinations in Bhutan

Discover Bhutan, the last himalayan kingdom, during one of our cultural tours. There, the development index is calculated according to the Gross National Happiness of its 750 000 inhabitants.

You will go along a land rich of Buddhist culture and ancestral traditions, will visit the Dzongs these massive fortresses where politic and religion share space side-by-side. Finally your will meet smiling and interesting people.

Tour to Druk Yul

Parcours culturel au Bhoutan Découverte de Druk Yul
Last Himalayan Kingdom, Bhutan is a small country landlocked in between China to the north and India to the south. Called Druk Yul, “the land of thunder dragon”, this country is rich of a great Buddhist culture shared by its 750 000 inhabitants. Go and visit the Druk Yul through its capital city Thimphu, Punakha Dzong and Paro’s Taktsang Monastery.

Duration : 6 days / 7 nights

Itinerary : Thimphu – Punakha – Paro – Taktsang

Through the valleys of Bhutan

Welcome to the country of the Gross National Happiness. Travel all over the valleys of Bhutan, from cities to villages, from Dzongs to monasteries, meeting Bhutanese locals, this smiling people cultivating happiness and many other things. This nine days program will immerse you in Buddhist culture and Buthanese customs. Board on a fabulous circuit!

Duration : 9 days / 8 nights

Itinerary : Thimphu – Punakha – Trongsa – Bumthang – Gangtey – Wangdue Phodrang – Paro – Taktsang

Parcours culturel à travers les Vallées du Bhoutan

On the way to the last Himalayas’ Shangri-la

Parcours culturel au Bhoutan avec NepalaYak - Route vers le dernier Shangri-la de l'Himalaya
This thirteen days program immerses you in the last Himalayas’ Shangri-la, in Bhutan, small piece of land settled in the mountains. Discover the treasures scattered all over this last Himalayan kingdom, from west to east. Cross high passes diving into majestic valleys. Discover Bhutan’s famous Dzongs, traditional houses, Buddhist monasteries dispersed across the country and the 750 000 inhabitants living on this land full of traditions.

Duration : 13 days / 12 nights

Itinerary : Thimphu – Punakha – Trongsa – Bumthang – Mongar – Lhuntse – Trashigang – Trashi Yangtse – Bumthang – Gangtey – Wangdue Phodrang – Paro – Taktsang

Cultural tour in Tibet with NepalaYak

Our destinations in Tibet

Travel to Tibet in order to discover majestic landscapes, its huge plateau, its numerous monasteries, traditional cities and its lovely people.

Installed at more than 3000 meters above sea level, NepalaYak offers you various cultural tours starting from Kathmandu to visit the fantastic treasures overflowing from this part of Himalayas.

Immersion in Tibet

Parcours culturel avec NepalaYak - Immersion au Bhoutan
With this immersion in Tibet, NepalaYak offers you to make your dream of stepping one day on the huge Tibetan plateau come true, in the heart of Himalayas. This nine days program leads you higher than 3000 meters elevation to meet the Tibetan people, its customs and traditions, discovering Tibetan cities such as Shigatse, Gyantse and of course Lhasa. A fantastic trip starting from Kathmandu.

Duration : 9 days / 8nights

Itinerary : Kathmandu – Lhassa – Gyantse – Shigatse – Xegar – Rongbuk – Camp de Base de l’Everest – Zhangmu – Kathmandu

Tibet: from Lhasa to Mount Kailash

Tibet is a holy land where religious places abound. This twelve days circuit takes you to discover some of these holy sites such as Jokhang Temple, Tashilhunpo Monastery, Manasarovar Lake and finally the pilgrimage of Mount Kailash. This mini-trek also called Kora, is a three days hike around the mountain which is holy for Buddhist, Hindu and Bön people.

Duration : 12 days / 11 nights

Itinerary : Kathmandu – Lhassa – Gyantse – Shigatse – Saga – Lac Manasarovar – Mont Kailash – New Dongba – Zhangmu – Kathmandu

Parcours culturel au Tibet avec NepalaYak - De Lhassa au Mont Kailash

Trekking in Tibet

Parcours culturel avec NepalaYak - En trekking au Tibet
An original way to discover Tibet is by foot. NepalaYak offers you a trekking in Tibet to access to remote area and discover hidden treasures of this part of Himalayas. Your travel keeps on with couple of days across the Tibetan plateau: Lhasa, Shigatse, up to Everest Base Camp before driving back to Kathmandu, Nepal.

Durartion : 14 days / 13 nights

Itinerary : Kathmandu – Lhassa – Ganden – Samye – Tsedang – Gyantse – Shigatse – Xegar – Rongbuk – Camp de Base de l’Everest – Zhangmu – Kathmandu

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